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Syr-Tec is your steppingstone to accomplishment the next product


Syr-Tec Engineering & Marketing company specializes in
>Planning and production of functional test jig
>Development of electronic products (hardware and software)
>Consultation and giving of engineering services from the establishment point of the engineering foundation (ERP, PDM and PLM systems) by escort and control the product from the stages of the development until having product files for the production.
>Full turn key production.
>QA foundation (procedures preparation, ISO-9000 preparation and transfer respectively to the demands of the regulation institution and procces inspection of the production.
>P.C.BOARD Editing from electronic schematic respectively full to the customer demands (possibility to the make the PCB production)
Syr-Tec Engineering & Marketing is a dynamic company. We see the customer needs always in front of us.
In Syr-Tec Engineering & Marketing you will get a personal attention, fast response and fully escort.
Syr-Tec Engineering & Marketing company working with the latest technology.
Our target is to give an optimal response to the customer needs.
Our work process based on interaction relationship with the customer.
The engineers in Syr-Tec Engineering & Marketing bring with them personal initiative of insight, professionalism, fair, and effort to excellence.

TEL. 972-3-5535559 FAX.972-3-5538881